Frequently Asked Questions

What is the booking process?

Golfers need to book their tee-times online to receive the LGT trail pass rates. Golfers show their LGT Trail Pass and a piece of identification at check-in to receive their special LGT rate (see our rates page for more information).

Can I buy a London Golf Trail Pass as a gift?

London Golf Trail Passes can be purchased as gifts. When you receive your activation email, the Pass can be activated in the name of the golfer who receives the gift.

Is my London Golf Trail Pass transferrable to someone else?

London Golf Trail Passes are non-transferrable. As such, they can only be used by the registered user of the pass.

How do I make my tee-times?

When using the London Golf Trail Pass, tee-times must be booked online and can be booked 7 days in advance for all participating courses. Click here to book a time.

I'm registered with the London Golf Trail, but I've forgotten my username and password. How do I get this information?

If you have forgotten your username or password, click here to visit our Username and Password page.

Can I make changes to a booking I've already made (e.g. delete the booking, add carts, increase or decrease the number of golfers)?

You are able to delete/modify your own tee times online (up to 2 hours before the tee time). Just login as if to book a tee time and click the "Change Bookings" link on the upper left side of the screen. Click the "change" link beside the booking you wish to change. You can click either "Delete" or "Edit" to change the booking. Inside of 2 hours you must contact the course you are booked at and discuss rain check options with them. The courses are only able to delete the booking, move the booking or reduce the number of players. They cannot add players to the booking.

How do I activate my trail pass?

To activate your trail pass click here to visit our Activate Trail Pass page.

How will I receive my London Golf Trail Pass card?

Once the payment is received your London Golf Trail Pass card will be mailed to the shipping address you supplied at the time of purchase.

Can I play with the London Trail Pass anywhere else?

Yes, there is an Ottawa Golf Trail ( and you can play at any of their golf courses by showing your London Golf Trail Card and paying the applicable green fee rate at the club. You must book online through like you do in London. There are also more trails being planned across the country.