Security Policy

SSL Encryption

Whenever a golf course requires a credit card to reserve a tee time, Golf Trails Inc. uses a technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure that your credit card number is always sent over the Internet safely. The number is encoded on your computer before it is sent, and decoded on the Golf Trails server.

Safe “Key” or “Lock”

Golf Trails uses frames for easier navigation, more efficient page updates, and to increase speed on our site. Golf Trails places SSL encryption on only those frames that send credit card numbers. Since our home page and menus are not involved in this process, we do not use SSL encryption on these frames. Browsers don’t show the safe “key” or “lock” for the entire browser screen unless all frames in the window are safe. Therefore, on our screens where credit card numbers are gathered, the “key” or “lock” do not appear (and rightly so). Thus, if only one frame is encrypted, the browser correctly reports that not everything on the page is “safe”. This occurs during the booking process where the areas containing the Golf Trails logo and buttons are not secure, even though your personal information is fully protected using SSL encryption.

SSL Verification

To verify that a frame is SSL-encrypted, please do the following:

Internet Explorer: Right-click the mouse within the frame and select Properties. In the Properties window, the Connection line will list what type of encryption is being used. Frames that are not encrypted will read “Not Encrypted”, while encrypted pages will show the type of encryption, such as “SSL 3.0, RC4 with 40 bit encryption (Low); RSA with 512 bit exchange”. For further, detailed information about the security, click on the Certificates button.

If you have a question specific to security, please contact us at

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